Welcome back, Cooper

Welcome back, Cooper! This superstar six-year-old doesn't let his type 1 diabetes slow him down.

For his parents, Taryn and Ric, each year presents new challenges as Cooper is getting older. Fortunately, the American Diabetes Association has provided his family with resources and support since his type 1 diagnosis at 8 months old.

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"We have been humbled by the love and support we've received from the ADA," says Ric.

The past year brought unique challenges for Cooper and his family. Cooper started school, and it was up to his parents to educate his teacher and administrators about handling Cooper's diabetes. Taking a trip a family trip meant learning how to get through airport security with Cooper's new insulin pump and glucose monitoring system. Cooper and his family are learning how to handle new challenges presented by Cooper's diabetes day by day, but no person should have to plan their future around this disease. That's why we're asking you to ride in the 2017 Tour de Cure Wichita. Your participation in this event will help the American Diabetes Association reach their ultimate goal – a cure for diabetes.


The funds raised by Tour de Cure provide critical diabetes research and resources to children and adults impacted by diabetes. You can choose to participate in a 5K family bicycle ride, 25K, 50K and 100K rides or 5K run. Ride with Cooper, and help the American Diabetes Association find the cure that will allow him to plan for a future without diabetes.

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