Direct Deposit

Relax. Now you've got one less thing to do.

We've seen it. We know what you do. Every Friday we watch the lot of you coming to our branches to deposit paychecks or move some money into your savings accounts. It's nice to have you visit, but why not take advantage of two of Meritrust's best timesavers, direct deposit and payroll deduction?

Direct Deposit

Most employers these days will gladly deposit your paycheck into your Meritrust account automatically if you ask them to. It's also true for any government, pension, social security or retirement check you receive regularly. Direct deposit is fast and less of a hassle than mailing or depositing checks. The money can go directly into your checking or savings account, and you can review it (or any transaction) using Call-24, Mobile Banking or Online Banking.

Payroll Deduction

You can make regular payments or savings deposits effortlessly using payroll deduction. Simply tell us how much you want to set aside from each paycheck, and we'll deposit it automatically into your savings account, IRA, Christmas Club, Vacation Club or other account. Payroll deduction can also be used to make regular loan payments.