Your money is always just a phone call away

Our Call-24 automatic teller lets you do your most important banking when you need to most anytime. As long as you’re within reach of the phone, you’re ready to bank.

Dial (316) 683-1423 and you can quickly and easily:

  • Check your balance
  • Check your latest five transactions
  • Make a payment or withdrawal
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Check your credit limit and get advances on VISA and Line of Credit
  • Get info on your loan payments, checks cleared, YTD interest, or payroll deductions

There is plenty of other stuff you can get done as well, like change your PIN number, use our loan calculator or transfer a VISA balance. Go ahead, put (316) 683-1423 on speed dial.

Sign Up

Before you can use the Call-24 service you’ll need to set up a PIN (personal identification number) that you’ll use exclusively for electronic services, including Call-24, Mobile Banking and Online Banking. Once your number is entered into the system, it’s a secret that only you know. Only you can access your accounts. As long as you keep your PIN confidential, your online privacy is always protected.

To sign up for Call-24, just stop by one of our branches, email us or call us at (316) 683-1199 or (800) 342-9278.