Green Account

Plant some green in your wallet.

Save some green for your pocket and for the earth with the Green Account.

Green Account Card

Earth Day comes just once a year, but Meritrust wants to encourage everyone to do their part to help the environment all year long. Here's how.

First, you help save trees by eliminating paper waste. Second, you earn cash back on your account while reveling in doing something good for the planet. You also enjoy a lot of free services, no minimum balance and no monthly service charge, so your wallet's looking as healthy as those trees.

Check out how lean going green can be with a paperless Green Account.

Skip The Lines!



  • NO monthly service charge
  • NO minimum balance
  • Purchase recycled checks**
  • Earn dividends if your average daily balances is over $1,000



Direct Deposit

Get paid, presto! money appears in your checking or savings account. And you didn't even lift a finger.


Online Services

Check funds, pay bills, transfer money, even open an account, no matter where you are. Maybe not the moon.


Mobile Banking

Anywhere and anytime free access with our web-based mobile banking and Android/iOS apps.


*On every signature-based transaction greater than $20, Meritrust will credit $0.05 cash back to your account.
**Checks can be purchased and a $1.00 fee will assessed for every check that clears your account. We strongly recommend recycled checks.