Student Credit Card

Earn an 'A' in credit history.


There are a lot of expenses when you're in school, and not a lot of extra money laying around. Meritrust has a unique credit card just for students who often need a little short-term financial backup, but don't want to be saddled with large credit card debt. That's smart. Ours keeps things in check with a reasonable limit and never any annual fees, minimum finance charges or charges for balance transfers.

Come into any Meritrust branch. Just don't blame your grades on all the fun stuff you bought.



  • There's no annual fee
  • No minimum finance charge
  • No charge for balance transfers
  • Get a credit limit of $1,000

Annual Percentage Rate is 14.92% APR. Cash advance fees are $8.00 or 3.00% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater, with a maximum fee of $35.00. There are no fees for foreign transactions.

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