Simple, convenient and secure ways to keep track of your accounts.

What if you could be notified about certain account activity without having to wait for a monthly statement or notice in the mail? Even better, what if you could have this information at your fingertips at no extra cost? You can with Meritrust's eServices. Our free eServices offer convenience and security with eStatements and eNotices.


eStatements save trees and offer you a more convenient way to watch your money and spending habits. View it, download it, print it or admire it for as long as you'd like with your home computer. We'll also save 13 months of your statements online for you to access anytime. eStatements are secure and can only be accessed through online banking.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

ITMs provide you with the latest drive-thru banking technology. Drive up, touch the screen, and a local Meritrust Interactive Teller will complete your banking needs through the ITM screen. Using an ITM is personable, secure and convenient. Stop by and say hi!



Whether you’re depositing $20 cash or $2,000 cash, one check or 20 checks, eATM is at your service. No more standing in lobby lines, filling out deposit slips or stuffing cash into ATM envelopes. Instead, eATMs allow you to quickly and conveniently complete deposits on your time.

So, savor your weekday evenings. Sleep in on Saturday. Stop by on Sunday. Now, it’s always the perfect time to make deposits.


  • Deposits checks
  • Deposit cash with immediate availability
  • No envelopes or deposit slips
  • Avoid lobby lines
  • Check images on receipts
  • 24/7 availability