Simple, convenient and secure ways to keep track of your accounts.

What if you could be notified about certain account activity without having to wait for a monthly statement or notice in the mail? Even better, what if you could have this information at your fingertips at no extra cost? You can with Meritrust's eServices. Our free eServices offer convenience and security with eStatements and eNotices.


eStatements save trees and offer you a more convenient way to watch your money and spending habits. View it, download it, print it or admire it for as long as you'd like with your home computer. We'll also save 13 months of your statements online for you to access anytime. eStatements are secure and can only be accessed through online banking.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

ITMs provide you with the latest drive-thru banking technology. Drive up, touch the screen, and a local Meritrust Interactive Teller will complete your banking needs through the ITM screen. Using an ITM is personable, secure and convenient. Stop by and say hi!




Whether you’re depositing $20 cash or $2,000 cash, one check or 20 checks, eATM is at your service. No more standing in lobby lines, filling out deposit slips or stuffing cash into ATM envelopes. Instead, eATMs allow you to quickly and conveniently complete deposits on your time.

So, savor your weekday evenings. Sleep in on Saturday. Stop by on Sunday. Now, it’s always the perfect time to make deposits.


  • Deposits checks
  • Deposit cash with immediate availability
  • No envelopes or deposit slips
  • Avoid lobby lines
  • Check images on receipts
  • 24/7 availability



An eNotice is an electronic version of a paper notice you would typically receive in the mail. Once you sign up for eNotices, you will no longer receive the paper version. For security purposes, the actual eNotice is not emailed to you. Instead, you receive an email prompting you to log in to Online Banking to view your eNotice.

Types of eNotices:

  • Checking Insufficient Funds
  • Point of Sale Insufficient Funds
  • Past Due Loan Payment
  • Loan Bill Reminder
  • Safe Deposit Box bill
  • CD Maturity Letter
  • Line of Credit Advance (overdraft notice)
  • Loan Rate and Payment Change Notice

Sign up for Meritrust's eServices today and remember, you can access your account information and pay your bills online anytime for free using Meritrust's Online Banking.



Have the freedom to deposit checks from anywhere with Meritrust's eDeposit service! With eDeposit, you can deposit personal checks from your home, office, a hotel in Spain or anywhere else with your iPhone or Android's Mobile Banking app or scanner-all without having to visit a branch or ATM. It's free, convenient and secure! Just tap the app and snap a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check.

General Questions on eDeposit

What is eDeposit? eDeposit is a free, secure, online service allowing you to deposit checks into eligible Meritrust accounts from a remote location. Now, both personal and business accounts are eligible to use eDeposit.

A check can be deposited into your Meritrust account by either using your iOS or Android smartphone camera or with a scanner. The image and associated deposit information are delivered securely to Meritrust electronically through our Online Banking. This convenient, 24/7 service helps save time by eliminating the wait you might encounter at an ATM or branch.

How does eDeposit work? Simple! For the iOS or Android smartphone app, login to Online Banking and follow the prompts under "Deposits" to snap a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check. For the scanner version, simply link your scanner device with the eDeposit site.

Who can use eDeposit? Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is a member in good standing can use eDeposit to deposit into eligible Meritrust accounts. Business members are also eligible to use eDeposit.

How do I use eDeposit? It's easy!

For the mobile eDeposit from your phone:

  1. Download to your iPhone or Android smartphone the Meritrust Mobile Banking app from either iTunes or the Google Play store. Once the app has been downloaded, log in using your Meritrust Mobile Banking login and password. Tap on the black button located on the bottom of the screen. Tap on the "Deposit" feature.
  2. Snap a picture of the front and the back of your check.
  3. Verify the amount of your deposit and select the account into which you would like to make the deposit.
  4. Submit your deposit to Meritrust for approval.

For the scanner version on your PC or Mac:

  1. Go to and log in to Online Banking.
  2. Select the "eDeposit" tab on the top dashboard.
  3. Accept the eDeposit Terms and Conditions.
  4. Follow the prompts to scan, upload and deposit your check.

The prompts to eDeposit a check include the following five steps:

  1. Select account and enter check amount.
  2. Scan the front of check.
  3. Scan the back of the check.
  4. Confirm deposit.
  5. Print receipt and securely store the check.

Does it cost to use eDeposit? No. The eDeposit service is FREE to Meritrust members making deposits to their eligible personal or business checking account(s).

Is the eDeposit feature available for my business checking account? Yes! This feature is now available for business accounts.

Is my financial information safe with eDeposit? YES! The eDeposit service is offered through Online Banking, which requires you to provide a unique user name and password each time you log in. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, be sure to log out of Online Banking once your online account activities have been completed.

What types of checks can be deposited with eDeposit? Meritrust accepts any check drawn on a U.S. financial institution in U.S. dollars. This includes personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks and payroll checks.

What types of checks cannot be deposited with eDeposit?

The following items are not eligible for eDeposit:

  • Checks or items payable to any person or entity other than you
  • Post-dated checks
  • Checks or items containing an obvious alteration to any of the fields on the front, or checks or items which you know, suspect, or should know or suspect to be fraudulent
  • Checks written from any account of which you are a primary or joint owner at Meritrust
  • Checks or items not payable in United States currency
  • Items drawn on financial institutions located outside the United States
  • Items previously converted to a substitute check
  • Consumer loans, credit card, and mortgage payments
  • IRA and Share Certificate deposits
  • Travelers checks
  • Starter or counter checks
  • Amex Gift Cheques
  • Savings bonds

How long does the system retain my eDeposit history? eDeposit keeps a history of your deposits and scanned check images for up to 90 days. It is available for viewing and/or download through Online Banking under the "eDeposit" tab.

How long should I retain my original check? For your protection, retain the original check for at least 90 days AFTER receiving confirmation that it has posted to your account. When you are ready to discard it, mark it "VOID" and dispose of it in a way that prevents it from being presented for payment again. If an issue should arise and the original check is no longer available, please contact the issuer of the check to obtain a new copy that can be re-submitted for deposit.

What is the difference between "Depositor" and "Submitted by"? The difference between "Depositor" and "Submitted by" only applies to eDeposit accounts that have an authorized user listed. For these transactions, the primary account holder's name is displayed as the "Depositor," and the authorized user is displayed as "Submitted by."

I have questions. Who can I contact? Our Contact Center Representatives are available to answer your questions and can be reached at 316.683.1199 or toll-free at 800.342.9278.

Mobile eDeposit Questions

Where do I begin? It's easy.

  1. Download to your iOS device or Android smartphone the Meritrust Mobile Banking app from either iTunes or the Google Play store. Once the app has been downloaded, log in using your Meritrust Mobile Banking login and password. Tap on the black button located on the bottom of the screen. Tap on the "Deposit" feature.
  2. Snap a picture of the front and the back of your check.
  3. Verify the amount of your deposit and select the account into which you would like to make the deposit.
  4. Submit your deposit to Meritrust for approval.

What accounts can I deposit into when using the mobile eDeposit feature in the mobile banking app? At this time, the only accounts available for deposit with the mobile banking apps are savings and checking accounts. Additional eligible accounts will automatically be enrolled in the eDeposit mobile banking app.

Do I photograph both the front and back of my check? Yes. During the deposit process, you will be prompted to photograph the front and back of your endorsed check.

How should I endorse my check for mobile eDeposit? The app will prompt you with the proper endorsement requirements.

You should sign the check with the following endorsement:

Payees Signature (Your name)

For Mobile Deposit

How can I make sure the picture of my check is good enough to submit for deposit? Taking high-quality photos of the check is the best way to make sure the mobile eDeposit is quick and easy. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Use good lighting and make sure there are no shadows on the check.
  • Place the check on a dark background.
  • Place the check within the box on your phone's screen with no other objects or edges visible.
  • Focus is important! Being too close can make the image blurry. You can focus your image by tapping on your screen.
  • Use the phone's camera button within the app to take the picture, not the shutter button on the side of the phone.

How will I know if Meritrust received my deposit? You will receive a notification within the Mobile Banking app and if you would like, an email will be sent when your deposit has been received. Please note, this does not mean the deposit has been approved.

Do I need a certain type of device to use mobile eDeposit? Yes, current supported phones include the Apple iPhone (iOS5 or higher) and Android-powered smartphones (Minimum Android 2.3.3/API 10 or higher with cameras that support autofocus).

What kind of Internet connectivity is required? Mobile devices must have an appropriate data plan or wireless internet access allowing the transmission of data over the Internet.

How secure is my information? In addition to login ID and password, we use multiple security layers, including advanced encryption. For added security, passwords and actual check deposit records or images are not stored on the mobile device. Additional ways to ensure security:

  • Protect your password
  • Don't keep your password in a location accessible to others
  • Don't allow others to do transactions for you
  • Notify Meritrust if password security has been breached

The processing time to upload my check is very slow. What can I do to change this? Meritrust does not control the processing from your device to Meritrust and back. This is dependent upon your device, carrier, memory on the device and your current connection. If your processing time is slow, please try to improve one or more of these components before uploading another deposit.

Can I photograph more than one check at a time? You may only photograph one check per deposit. But you can photograph multiple checks in the same banking session.

The picture of my check is blurry. Now what should I do? You have the option to retake the picture of your check before submitting or you may cancel the deposit. If you are unable to get a clear image of your check please deposit it at one of our branches.

Can I open a new account using the mobile eDeposit? No, mobile eDeposit cannot be used to fund a new account.

A check I deposited was returned. Can I re-deposit it using mobile eDeposit? No, if a check has been returned, it cannot be redeposited through mobile eDeposit.

Scanner Version eDeposit Questions

Do I need special equipment or software to use the scanner version of eDeposit? The eDeposit service is available on the Internet through Meritrust's Online Banking. Home computers require updated browser settings with Java, as well as a TWAIN compliant scanner or scanning device. Remember to disable pop-up blockers to prevent service errors. TWAIN compliant refers to image-capturing devices that are standardized for use across different computer hardware and software applications. Non-TWAIN compliant devices require specific, proprietary software to use the hardware.

Does the scanner version of eDeposit require specific browser settings? Yes, eDeposit requires your browser to be set at a 32-bit Java mode with all pop-up blockers disabled. Browsers in 64-bit Java mode are not compatible and will receive an error when attempting to access the service. Please change your browser settings to 32-bit Java mode and disable all pop-up blockers. If you're unable to change these settings, please contact your computer manufacturer for assistance.

When I try to upload a check, I keep getting an error message. Why? There are two possibilities for the error message. First of all, ensure that Java is enabled on your Internet browser. If that doesn't solve the issue, make sure your scanned image is horizontal. This should eliminate any error messages.

When I uploaded the check, a message popped up asking me to verify the account number and the margins of the image. It's so small that I can't read it. Is that okay? Yes. Just click to accept.

What is duplex scanning? Duplex scanning is a feature of computer scanners and multifunction printers that allows both sides of a sheet of paper to be scanned simultaneously. Flatbed devices without this capability can only scan a single side of a sheet of paper at a time. Duplex scanning devices are compatible with the eDeposit service.