Online Services

Online Services

Online Banking can lend a hand, because we know the two you have are pretty full.

Bank Online

Meritrust's online banking portal gives you complete control over your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here's just a sampling of things you can do:

  • View your account history and current balance
  • Use member-to-member transfers to send money to another Meritrust account that's not yours
  • Get free e-statements
  • Pay bills online through your checking account for free
  • See images of your cashed checks online
  • Download account info to Quicken or Money
  • Make or schedule a transfer between your accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Order more checks
  • Set up automatic e-mail balance and due-date alerts

Once you try online banking you won't want to go back to the paper age, but you may still want to get up out of that desk chair sometimes.

Bill Pay

  • Bill presentment
  • Cleaner, more user-friendly design
  • Multiple funding account functionality
  • Expanded search and reporting options
  • Ability to categorize payments
  • Guaranteed delivery date

Sign Up

Stop by a branch or call us today to get set up with the convenience of banking from your home or office. We'll set you up with a PIN to use exclusively for electronic services, including online banking, mobile banking, mobile apps and Call-24. Once your PIN is entered into the system, it's a secret that only you know. Only you can access your accounts. As long as you keep your PIN confidential, your online privacy is always protected.


Open Accounts Online

It's now easier for you to do your banking at your convenience on your own time. With our new online account opening feature, you can open your Meritrust account from the convenience of your computer. It's fast, easy and secure. You can also easily transfer money between your Meritrust accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions.*


Online Loan Payments

Need to make a payment to a Meritrust loan from an account at another financial institution? Our partners at SWBC securely process loan payments through the Meritrust Payment Services Payment Center.

Please note it can take up to 48 hours for the transaction to post to your Meritrust account.
A fee may be charged for this service. Please see our current fee schedule for costs associated with these products.


*To ensure the security of your account(s), Meritrust will make a small test transaction of less than $1 upon activation of your account. This test will ensure all information is correct before any transfers are performed. After 2-3 business days, your account should reflect the test transaction. Once the test transaction is complete and successful, you can login and transfer money at any time.