Chip Technology

Chip Technology

Welcome chip technology.

Now at Meritrust.

Goodbye, strip. Hello, chip.

Introducing chip technology! We'll automatically send you a new chip card in the mail once your current Meritrust debit or credit card expires.

Want to get your chip card even sooner? Available now, chip cards can be purchased from a branch location prior to the expiration of your current card.

Want to keep using your current card till its expiration? No worries. With or without a chip card, if you're using a Meritrust Visa debit or credit card, you are never liable for fraudulent transactions.

Security made simple.

Your new chip card will work hard to protect you. When you’re making a payment at a chip-enabled terminal, your chip card creates a unique code for each transaction – helping reduce the risk of fraudulent charges on your account.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Using your new chip card couldn’t be easier. Your payment is received in three easy steps:

  1. Insert the chip end of your card face up into the terminal. No more swiping necessary!
  2. Keep your card in the payment terminal and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Remove your card and enjoy the feeling of simple security.

When completing a purchase with your chip card, you may be required to sign for your transactions. You will not need to use your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

You favorite store isn’t quite ready for chip technology?

No problem! Your card can still be swiped using the magnetic strip on the back.

To swipe, or not to swipe.

Unsure if you should swipe your card or not? First, attempt to swipe your chip card. If the terminal is chip enabled, it will give you the heads up to insert your card and process payment the chip way.

Your chip card is ready for adventure.

The chip card is globally accepted everywhere chip technology is available. And it’s small enough to fit in your suitcase.

Small chip, big benefits.

With increased security, convenience and global acceptance, this little chip can provide some big paybacks on your everyday payments.

Your card doesn't expire until a later date?

No problem! Continue to utilize your current Meritrust debit or credit card with no changes to your payment experience. Although your card is not chip-enabled, you are never liable for fraudulent transactions and the card will continue to work with chip-enabled payment processors. Swipe your card as normal.




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