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Personal Loans

Personal loan options

A personal loan can be used for many different purposes to help you more comfortably get through times of uncertainty.

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Signature loans

These loans offer flexible terms and are secured only by your signature.

Line of credit

Access your line of credit funds through online banking or by phone. You’ll get our everyday low rates and can set up convenient automatic payments.

Credit cards

A Meritrust credit card can help you make important purchases and offers you more flexibility during this time. You’ll also enjoy our great rates and cash-back options.

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Savings Options

Savings options

Meritrust is federally insured and your money is safe here, and you have the ability to earn money on your deposits. You can have comfort and peace of mind knowing your deposits are protected.

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Higher rates; liquid funds

Meritrust's money market savings accounts let you earn more interest on your deposits while keeping your funds liquid. Access your money using checks or Meritrust’s digital services, with up to six preauthorized withdrawals for free each month.

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Pay with your card; carry less cash

At Meritrust, our Green and Roam checking accounts have no monthly charge and no minimum balance, and you’ll find comfort knowing your funds are federally insured and protected. With your Meritrust Visa debit card, you can worry less about carrying cash and enjoy perks like mobile wallet, chip protection and 24/7 access to eATM deposits and withdrawals.

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Start building up your emergency fund

If you're looking for a spot to keep your money secure and earn a little extra money along the way, our savings options are for you. We offer our membership savings with just a $5 minimum balance, certificates of deposits, club accounts, IRAs and more. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a savings pro, we have options for you.

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Home Loans

Home loan refinances & home equity options

Meritrust offers options for refinancing your current home loan and home equity loans and lines of credit. And rates are currently at an all-time low. These refinance options can help you save money each month on your mortgage payment, shorten the term of your mortgage to save you money down the road or allow you to free up extra cash.

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Auto Loans

Auto loan refinances

Our knowledgeable loan officers can help you determine if you can save money on your auto loan by lowering your current rate or shortening the term of your auto loan to save on your interest paid in the long run. Approvals are quick and easy and can get extra cash put back in your pocket.

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