New Online Banking Homepage

Meritrust Credit Union launches our newly designed online banking homepage on Monday, July 9th.

The new homepage is designed to be more convenient for the user by categorizing more information on one page and reducing the amounts of clicks needed to access key online banking options.

“The new look gives our members a more comprehensive view of their finances,” said Meritrust’s Senior Vice President and CIO, Wade Bruendl. “The goal is to enhance the online banking experience. We now have the most important banking options located on one page—members will have faster access to the information they use most.”

Members can now conveniently view account history, transfer money between accounts, pay bills and access FinanceWorks, powered by Quicken® from one page. For members who prefer the old look, a link provides the option to switch back to the previous home screen view for a limited timeframe.

Meritrust knows more and more members are managing their finances online…on their time….when it is convenient for them. Our goal is to be where our members are, providing the best online banking functionality possible.

Enjoy the new homepage as a big THANK YOU for your membership.

Please call 800-342-9278 if you need more information.


    • Good afternoon!

      If you’re new to Meritrust Online Banking, you’re going to love the convenience of banking from your desk or office! To get started with Online Banking we have to get you a PIN (personal identification number). You’ll use this PIN exclusively for electronic services, including Call-24, Mobile Banking and Online Banking.

      To sign up for Online Banking and get set up with a PIN, just stop by one of our branches (Branch Locator:, email us (Email Form: or call us at 800.342.9278.

      Once you have your PIN – or if you already have a PIN – you’ll securely log in to Meritrust Online Banking in the upper-right hand of the website by inputting your username and password. Meritrust uses multi-factor authentication for Online and Mobile Banking, as well as the Meritrust Mobile Apps. With multi-factor authentication, there is a two-step process to authenticate your device (your computer – or, for Mobile/App Banking, a smartphone device) as part of our ongoing commitment to protect your personal information.

      For more information on Online Banking, you may visit Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need to set up a PIN. We appreciate the opportunity to service your financial needs!

    • Hello, Charlotte.

      In order to access Meritrust’s Online Banking site, members require a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You will use this PIN exclusively for electronic services, including Call-24, Mobile Banking and Online Banking. Once your PIN number is entered into the system, only you can access your accounts.

      To get started with Online Banking, please call us toll free at 800.342.9278 or 316.683.1199. Our Contact Center Associates are available Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm and on Saturday from 8am-1pm.

      We appreciate the opportunity to serve your financial needs. Have a nice week!

  1. I was locked out on my online banking I went to one of the branches and they reset it what do I have to do now to view my account online

  2. I agree with most of the posts below. This may be one of the worst banking sites I’ve ever been to. Where’s the “forgot my username//password” option? What determines a username/userid? An account number? The password is a person’s PIN number? You guys can do better than this.

  3. Absolutely hate it. When I access the website I want to be able to access my accounts which I can no longer do on my computer or phone. I’m not interested in advertisements only account access. Considering change.

  4. I like the new look and also appreciate the mobil apps. But still don’t see where I can register to get electronic statements, the only letter I receive in mail is yours. Please add that option, thanks

  5. I am not even able to view my online statement nor is it even navigating to that page. I do like the changes thus far, I would just like to view my statement and if I can’t do that then what is the point?

    • When you say “nor is it even navigating to that page” do you mean you can’t get to the page that lists the available statements? Or is it once you click on a particular statement, it doesn’t do anything?

      Do you get any error messages?

  6. For the last week I can’t access my account, all other links will open exept tge mobile banking. Please go back to the old program!

    • Jordan- The update we made was only for the full site, not the mobile site ( or the apps (iPad, iPhone, Android phone). Can you get to the logon screen and are unable to login? Or is the issue with even getting the login screen to pull up? I have confirmed the site is up, so there may be an issue with your user name and password, or somehow with security settings on your phone not allowing you to get to the secure mobile site.

      • If you’re still unable to get to the site, please call us, or you can click on the chat button if you’d prefer. We’re happy to help!

        • There has to be something more going on here that security settings on a single device. i haven’t been able to access for almost two weeks, whether from my cell phone or from a PC (in fact, I’ve tried it from several PCs). I always get this error (after a lengthy delay):

          “The requested URL could not be retrieved”

          I’m accessing on my cell phone, clicking the drop-down arrow in the upper right, anc then clicking the “MOBILE BANKING” link, which redirects to Out of curiosity, I’ve tried, but then I just get “The server is taking too long to respond.”

          Before the switch, I never had this problem.

  7. Like the new format… it makes it much easier to see everything more graphically and use tools (calculator and such). One question that I have is: The payment date shown when one is paying bills, is it the actual transaction date? Or the money goes to twilight zone for two or three day, until payment gets to a vendor??

    Thanks for your good efforts, looks great.

    • If you’re looking at the Bill Pay section on the new page, it has a “send on” date and a “deliver by” date. Depending on whether the payment is electronic or paper, that date will vary.

      The “send on” date is the day the payment is initiated. The “deliver by” date is the guaranteed delivery date to the vendor. Generally electronic payments will pay in two business days, and paper in four.

    • Daarlene- We don’t currently have an Android tablet app, but it is something we’re looking into for the future. In the meantime, we have a mobile online banking site you can try. I used it on my Android phone before we had an Android phone app, and liked it.

      You can get to our mobile online banking site at I hope this helps!

  8. I didn’t see this mentioned in previous comments; sorry if I missed it. My first look at the new page layout wasn’t a pleasant experience (and, to be honest, it still disorients me) for one simple reason: the display order of the accounts is reversed from what the “Account Summary” screen shows. I’m in the habit of focusing on balance amounts first thing, and so just about fell out of my chair. It would be better to keep consistency with the “legacy” view in this respect (it seems to me).

    Thanks for your time.

    • I’m sorry the new sort order was confusing and frustrating at first. I’m not sure if you’ve found this option, but you can now sort your accounts by renaming them. They are now sorted in alphabetical order. Some members have chosen to number or label their accounts so they show in their desired order. Thank you for the feedback!

  9. I like it. As with everything, it will take some getting use to for many. However, it’s nice that you’ve given users the option to keep the old look, if they prefer. Great job Meritrust! I am a long time member and have been very pleased with your services. I’ve recruited 5 family members to switch from other banks to yours, and they are very happy with there decision. Meritrust is definitely the friendliest and most welcoming bank I’ve ever dealt with. I love the fact that your branchs are small, and that you don’t have 50 employees running around. With a small branch, it’s easy to get to know the tellers, and it’s especially nice when they know your name. I feel like a part of the bank. Thanks Meritrust!

    • Christina- Thanks for all of the great feedback! I agree, any change takes a little bit of time to get used to. We appreciate your membership, and your positive feedback to your family!

  10. Thought that I would like the new format until I went to transfer funds…..the funds transferred didn’t show up right away in the account like in the old format. I was hesitant to pay bills until I was could actually see the money was in the account.

    • Dee- What time did you make the transfer? And was there a short delay (a few seconds or minutes) between your transfer request and seeing it in history? Or was it much longer?

  11. The new banking homepage is great. The calculator is a fitting feature. I have used for some time now and a lot of the features on this homepage mirror the pages. I am happy that this platform is now shared by Meritrust.

    • Geoffrey- I like the convenient calculator tool, as well! And agree some of the stuff mint has, including the ability to see all of your accounts, Meritrust or otherwise, is such a great asset. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!

  12. I like the format. It brings everything on the front page I need and then I can click on the various accounts and see more detail.Keep up the good work and making updates for your customers.

  13. I am loving the new layout, looks great! It is easier and quicker to find what I am looking for. The search function is also very helpful. Thanks guys!

  14. This was my first time to use it but it was fairly intuitive about how to use it.
    I am usually not cool with change when I am use to the way things are working but I think this will be an improvement. I like not having to go to Bill Pay with extra clicks. I like the dates to go down but it was easy to figure out how to correct that. So far, so good.

    • We’re glad to hear you like it! I also love how easy it is to pay bills! It’s no fun giving our money away, so it may as well be as painless as possible, right? We appreciate your feedback!

  15. I like the new setup but it doesn’t seem to be iMac friendly.
    It won’t allow me to go into my Pay Bills screen so I can add and edit accounts.
    Hope you guys can figure that out.
    Thank you…

    • Jeff- I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. Some of our beta testers were Mac users, including iMac. However, different operating systems, browsers, firewalls, etc. can impact your personal experience. So while we try to test a variety of setups, it’s possible we did not consider your specific scenario. Can you give me more information about your issues? Or if you’d prefer, you can click on the Live Chat link or call us (800.342.9278), and we can try to help!

  16. This is not WalMart, you really don’t need to shuffle things around to confuse the customers to buy more. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

    • Our goal with this change wasn’t to move information around or make it harder to find. I’m sorry it seems that way. Rather, we wanted to put the most commonly accessed information and most popular tasks in one spot. If there’s anything we can do to help with the transition, please click on the Live Chat link or give us a call (800.342.9278). We are happy to help!

  17. I dislike the new set up and more so dislike that we are not given an options to keep the old one. Its great if someone needs all of that new stuff but a person like me that just needs simple banking options will not need all of that. I am not upset that it was changed just that we were not given an option to keep the old one although there is a “keep it the old way” option it only works once and then it goes right back to the new way. On a positive note I will say adding the calculator was a plus but not enough to make me feel this was a needed change there is a calculator on my desk next to my computer that works just fine!!

    • Clicking the “keep it the old way” link changes the first page displayed the next time you login. It also changes where the “Account Access” button sends you. These changes don’t go into effect until you logout and back in.
      Regardless of whether you choose to “keep it the old way” or not, these two pages always have the same functionality:
      The “Home” button will always link to the new home page.
      And the “Account Summary” button will always send you to the old home page.
      I hope that makes sense. Please let us know if this isn’t working as it should. Thanks for commenting!

  18. It does not work for me – it locks up and does not allow me access to my accounts. I liked the old interface and it worked. Why would you change to something that does not work

    • Jim- Thanks for giving us a little more information on your problem! I’m researching the issue and hope to have a resolution to the problem soon.

    • Mrs. Grether- We’re glad you like it so far. Everything new takes a little bit of time to get used to. If you have any problems, please give us a call!

  19. Like the new Online Banking Home Page, It saves me steps and displays everything I normally look at on the main page. Good Job!

    • Thanks, Sharon! We’re glad the new page is more efficient for you, and you’re happy with the upgrade!

  20. Love the new homepage. I especially like being able to see all of my accounts, even those at other institutions, on the main homepage. Great job.

  21. The old look was just fine. I not sure why you thought you needed the change. Change for change sakes is not an improvement. And yes I am ex-banker. But I will get use to it. What choice do I have if I plan on staying with you and I am not leaving just because you changed your format.

    • Melissa- I’m sorry you don’t like the change. Our goal with this update was to make it easier to accomplish some of the more common tasks. Is there anything specific you’re unhappy with? We’d like to consider your feedback for our future upgrades. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  22. I like the new format and being able to write a check without having to go to BILL PAY from the menu. It would be nice to see an explaination of CARD HOLD on the balance sheet and a reason. In my case a State Farm charge had not yet cleared. Your CSR was helpful and explained this new feature to my complete satisfaction.

    • We are working on displaying the merchant name rather than the generic “card hold” description. Showing these holds on the history screen is something we have wanted for a long time, and we are rolling this improvement out in phases. We don’t have a specific date, yet. But I know I am personally looking forward to seeing those details on my account as well!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  23. I am probably going to be one of the few that is not impress with the new layout. Parts are good but the whole is a failure in my opinion.

    • Would you mind sharing details about the things you don’t like?
      Our goal with this update was to put some of the most commonly used information and most popular tasks on one page. But we would love to hear your feedback so we can consider it for future releases. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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