Financial Education

Here's how building the ol' gray matter can help build the green matter.

Meritrust has partnered with FoolProof to provide FREE online financial education resources. FoolProof is an online program with lots of information and handy resources about money and financial responsibility. Meritrust works with FoolProof to offer this program as a complimentary resource for our members and the communities we serve.

FoolProof uses multiple tools to help educate consumers about money, budgeting and more.

Meritrust offers periodic seminars in financial education that will help you improve your credit, manage college funds or retirement or teach you the basics of buying your first home.

Current Seminars

  • First Time Home Buyers – Learn the basics of buying a home: everything from amortization to zero margin.
  • Financial Survival Camp – It's a fun, financial boot camp for kids (4th through 9th grades), teaching them all they need to know about saving, balancing a checkbook and making good choices early on.
  • Identity Theft – Helpful tips for keeping your identity safe and what to do when something goes wrong.
  • Debt Management – Getting and staying out of debt-everything you need to know.
  • Credit Report – How to build good credit, and the truth about what's really bad for your credit.
  • IRA – Understand all the options you've got to start saving for your dream retirement right now.
  • College Savings – With 529 plans, we'll point you to the one that is right for you.

As a member of Meritrust Credit Union, please feel free to contact our Financial Counselor for more information about the classes we offer, or suggest a class subject you'd be interested in hearing more about.



Let's say you're 13 to 17 years old and you've outgrown that cute piggy bank. You're ready to become the CEO of your own life, making smart decisions that will help you save and earn more money. How do you start? By joining Meritrust's exclusive money club, mymoneyzone. It's just for teens, and a minimum of $5 in a Meritrust Savings Account is all that's needed to join. Once a mymoneyzone member, you'll learn about good money management at an early age, giving you lots of time to see investments get fatter than any piggy bank.

  • Teens only
  • Reality workshops to help you learn money management while you play
  • Exclusive access to a $500 College Prep CD at .25% above 1-year rate, set to mature one year from date of opening
  • No monthly fees
  • Minimum balance of $5 in your Meritrust Savings Account