Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Some unexpected perks to
brighten your day.

Insurance Services

As a Meritrust member, you are entitled to special rates for your insurance needs. Our partner, First Line Insurance Services, Inc., is a full service, licensed insurance agency that provides a variety of business and personal line products to fit the needs of our members.

  • Homeowners
  • Automobile
  • Renters
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Condo
  • Flood
  • Boat
  • Personal Items

To get started on your free quote, call 866.210.7980 or click on the link below. When talking with the First Line representative, make sure to mention that you are a member of Meritrust Credit Union.


Vision Services

Meritrust is pleased to be working with Vision Care Direct to offer a vision care payment plan that is perfect for individuals and families.

A vision plan from Vision Care Direct is the perfect solution for individuals and families that want high quality vision care at a reasonable cost. We understand the importance of your eyes and our plans enable you to get care through the doctor that you trust. Whether you're currently looking for a job, lost your vision benefits at work, or you simply want to supplement your vision coverage with a materials plan to make your eye glasses more affordable, Vision Care Direct has a solution for you.


Sprint Discount

When you switch to Sprint®, you can get a $100 cash reward for each new line you activate. That’s Sprint’s best plan with unlimited talk, text, data, and HD-streaming including Hulu! And, for a limited time, credit union members get $100 per new line on unlimited lines.

No Strings Attached - $100 Cash for Every New Line

  • $100 cash reward for each new line activated with Sprint*
  • $100 loyalty cash reward every year for each line activated or transferred*
  • 25% discount on eligible accessories purchased at a Sprint store

*Limited time offer.

Here’s how to sign up for Sprint cash rewards:

  • Become a Sprint customer and mention that you’re a credit union member
  • Register at
  • Allow six to eight weeks to see cash rewards directly deposited into your credit union account

A new phone and a $100 cash reward? It’s just one more benefit of credit union membership.


Membership Savings

Every member of Meritrust Credit Union is also a part-owner. Sounds pretty good, right? Your first step is to open a Membership Savings Account, which will represent your share in the ownership of the credit union. Remember, once you become a member of Meritrust, you are always a member. Even if you move, change jobs or relocate to Timbuktu. Here are the specifics.

  • A minimum balance of $25 is required at all times to keep your membership open.
  • Dividends are calculated on average daily balances above $100 and are compounded and paid monthly.