Member Select Credit Card

The Member Select VISA offers perks with staying power.

Member Select Credit Card

Some banks use limited time, temporary offers to fish for new VISA customers. We take a different approach, of course. Our Member Select VISA offers all the the perks and none of the gimmicks. No annual fee and no charge to transfer a balance are always available and permanent.

We figured that if you're a member, you've made a commitment to us, so making a commitment to you is just the right thing to do.



  • No annual fee
  • No minimum finance charge
  • No charge for balance transfers
  • Credit limit up to $20,000

Annual Percentage Rates range between 9.75% and 17.99% APR, depending on product type and credit worthiness. Cash advance fees are $8.00 or 3.00% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater, with a maximum fee of $35.00. There are no fees for foreign transactions.