Club Accounts

Club Accounts

Need help saving money for goals?
Join the club.

Whether it's for an epic journey to the Taj Mahal or to the shopping mall for Christmas gifts, club accounts help you prepare.

Meritrust offers two club accounts: Vacation Club and Christmas Club. By socking away money, you'll be more confident as you make spending plans for either. The bonus perk of saving with Club Accounts? You'll avoid the credit card hangover that follows the holidays and vacations.

Here's how club accounts work:

  • Choose the Vacation Club or Christmas Club-or both!
  • Deposit savings into the accounts anywhere from $10 to $10,000
  • We'll pay you dividends each month (computed daily and compounded monthly)
  • Your funds will automatically be transferred to your Meritrust savings or checking account on funding dates: June 1st for Vacation Club funds, and November 1st for Christmas Club funds

Remember, we'll keep your Club Accounts open until you tell us otherwise, however no withdrawals are allowed before the funding dates for each club. If you really need to, early withdrawals may be made but will incur a penalty of $10 or 3%, whichever is greater. Yes, raiding the holiday funds can be a bit Grinchy, but that’s just how these clubs work.

Stop by one of our branch locations or open an account online today!