Personal Loans

A Personal Loan can help make possible some of the expenses you think might be out of reach.

Possible uses: Replace a leaky faucet, repair a garage door, new suit for a job interview, supplies for a special dinner with the family, new tires, a dozen roses, a vegetable garden, a diamond engagement ring. You get the idea.

Signature Loan

Whether it’s a new living room set or unexpected car repairs, a signature loan can get you the funds to make it happen. They’re secured only by your signature and can be used for many different purposes. Flexible terms are available.

Line of Credit

Did you know that, as a member of the Meritrust Credit Union, we'll give you a loan for any good reason - and even for some not-so-necessary reasons? In fact, we can offer you a revolving line of credit, giving you the freedom to access your funds through online banking, Call-24 or Official Checks. You can also set up overdraft protection for your checking account.


  • You'll get our everyday low rates and terms.
  • Most loans can be processed in about an hour.
  • There are no prepayment penalties if you pay off the loan early.
  • You can set up convenient automatic payments.
  • Credit life and credit disability payment protection are available for a low fee.

Credit Builder Loan

Do you have a big purchase on the horizon, such as the purchase of a new house? Meritrust's Credit Builder Loan helps get your credit in order so you're ready for home, sweet home. We provide the funds for you to borrow against, so no collateral is required to secure the loan. As you pay off the loan each month, your repayment is reported to credit bureaus, helping get you set up for reaching your financial goals.

Apply today by calling 316.651.5177 or visit your nearest Meritrust location.