Home Loans

Home Loans

Home sweet, simple, speedy, easy home.

On your path to homeownership, Meritrust is with you every step of the way.

The Meritrust Home Loans difference.

If you're looking to purchase your first home or ready to make a move, Meritrust brings simplicity to the process. No runaround. No unnecessary delays. No surprises. Our mortgage loans are fast and easy, and we close on time. We're a partner in getting you and your family into home, sweet home.

We also know that not every home or budget is the same. Our lending experts will sit down with you and match one of our flexible mortgage programs to fit your budget and needs, and you can receive loan amounts up to 97% of your home's value. Jumbo and land/lot loans are also available with flexible terms.

Throughout the process and beyond closing day, you'll enjoy the peace of mind of in-house processing and servicing. This means you can pay your mortgage directly to Meritrust online, by mail or in person at a Meritrust branch. When reviewing loan requests, we look outside the box, often having options available that other lenders don’t. Meritrust’s flexible terms could meet your needs when your loan request is not “conventional”.


  • Easy payment options. You can set up auto draft, pay online, or make a payment at any of our convenient branches.
  • Our portfolio program can be the perfect option when your situation is unique.
  • Building a new home? We offer long-term rate locks for new builds and for your peace of mind.

Home Loan Checklist

Items Needed For All Loans


    Pay stubs from the past 30 days.


    W-2 forms for the previous two years.


    Employment history for the previous two years.


    Proof of homeowner's insurance.


    Payment covering the cost of appraisal to Meritrust Credit Union.


    Two months of most current statements on all checking, savings, investments and/or any other asset accounts.

Items Needed For Purchase Only


    Copy of Real Estate Contract.


    If you have sold a home within the last 12 months, provide the final closing statement (HUD-1).

Items Needed As Applicable


    Current mortgage statement(s) with account numbers and addresses (refinance only).


    If you own rental property, provide rental lease agreements and two years tax returns.


    If you receive child support and will use it to qualify for the loans, provide proof of payment (minimum of 12 month history).


    If you have declared bankruptcy, provide copy of discharge and list of creditors.


    Divorce decree, if applicable.

Self-employed Will Also Need


    Copies of the past two years personal and business tax returns.

Dream 100

Meritrust removes the down payment barrier from purchasing a home, in a safe and responsible manner, with the exclusive Meritrust Dream 100 Loan program!

  Borrower Eligibility
  •   660 minimum credit score.
  •   Borrower does not have to be a first-time homebuyer.
  •   43% debt/income ratio.
  Seller Contributions

Seller can contribute up to 6% of sales price toward buyer’s closing costs and/or pre-paid items.

  Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

NO PMI required.


15 or 20-year fixed rate loan.

  100% Financing

Bona fide gift allowed for closing costs/prepaids. Borrower must contribute a minimum of $500 of own funds toward closing costs/prepaid items.


Meritrust will donate $100 to charity with every Meritrust Dream 100 loan closed.

  Property Eligibility

Primary residence, one-unit single family. No condos allowed.

  *Cash Reserves

Borrower must have a minimum of two months PITI in cash reserves in a savings/checking account prior to closing. This must be borrower’s own funds.

A loan exclusive to Meritrust Credit Union with NO down payment and NO PMI! In-house underwriting, processing and servicing for a much easier transaction for both the Realtor and borrower.
*If you qualify for a loan of $100,000 and are approved with an interest rate of 4.25%, you would make 180 payments of $752.28 at 4.41% APR. Payments do not include taxes and insurance premiums, payments will increase if escrowed. Rate is subject to change at any time. Rate is subject to approval and creditworthiness of applicant(s).


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