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Auto Loan Cheat Sheet

Your questions answered.

Here you'll find information about payment options, insurance details, title work steps and more!

Getting a new auto loan shouldn’t be a test. If you’re feeling like you can’t find the answers you need, welcome to your very own Meritrust auto loan cheat sheet.

Payment options to meet all needs

We think you should have choices when it comes to how you make payments. Convenience is a great thing.

  • Automatic payments: Call us or visit your nearest Meritrust location to set up automatic payments from the financial institution of your choice.
  • eDeposit: You can use mobile eDeposit to deposit funds into your Meritrust savings/checking account. Once the deposit is made, simply transfer the fund to your loan.
  • Online Loan Payments: Make a one-time loan payment by check or debit card within Meritrust’s online banking or mobile app.
  • Mail your payments: P.O. Box 2926 Wichita, KS 67201-2926
  • Visit your nearest Meritrust location: We’re right here!
  • Visit a CO-OP Shared Branch: Not seeing a Meritrust location close to you? Check out our CO-OP locator and visit a Shared Branching location that’s more convenient for you.

Insurance information

Your new auto loan requires that Meritrust is listed as the lien holder on your vehicle and that you have full-coverage insurance.

Need to submit proof of your information? Here’s how: (only one method of submission is required)

  • Fax Policy Declaration page to: 1.866.832.7814
  • Email Policy Declaration page as an attachment to:
  • Navigate to and enter your Unique Identifier provided on your letter. (, formerly known as
  • Mail Policy Declaration page to:
    Meritrust Credit Union
    PO Box 692151
    San Antonio, TX 78269-2151
  • To speak to a representative please call: 1.833.612.7402

I’m switching insurance companies. What do I do?

  • Submit a Declarations Page (proof of insurance) from your new insurance company. The Declarations Page must show that you’re covered before the cancellation of your previous policy.
  • Look out for a lapse in coverage. You’ll want to make sure your new policy is active before your previous policy is cancelled. You can contact your new and old insurance companies to be sure you’re avoiding a gap in coverage.*

Title work process

The dealership you purchased your new vehicle from will provide you with the title work you need to register and tag your vehicle. You should receive the title work in the mail and have up to 60 days to register/tag your new car. Once you’ve provided the information to the tag office, they will give you a new license plate and your title will be electronically processed with the state of Kansas.

Please provide Meritrust with a copy of the registration you receive from the tag office

The final step will be to submit a copy of your vehicle’s registration to Meritrust.

Please note: Meritrust must be listed as lienholder on both the title and registration.

  • Email a copy of the registration to:
  • Fax a copy of the registration to: 916.914.2471
  • Mail a copy of the registration to: Meritrust Credit Union PO Box 122 Wilmington, OH 45177-0122
  • For questions, please call 866.730.7807

What happens once I pay off my loan?

Once you’ve paid off your vehicle loan financed through Meritrust, it will take about 10 days to receive your lien release. Once you’ve received your lien release through the mail, you may take it to the tag office to receive your title in the mail from Topeka.

Outside the state of Kansas? Please check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for details regarding the registration process. Click here for more information.

What if I need a duplicate lien release or title or need to update my address or name?

Contact for duplicate lien releases, duplicate titles and name or state changes. This service manages the paperwork, keeps you informed about your state’s requirements, and provides follow-up communication when a request is completed. They even provide email confirmation when the title or lien release is mailed. offers 24/7 assistance. A fee will be assessed, so have a debit or credit card handy to complete the request. You also may call toll-free, 888.638.0388, between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Central Monday through Friday to request the lien or title work. Additional fees will be charged if requests are made by phone rather than online.

Any state fees will be in addition to the service fee. MyTitleSupport may also charge to deliver the paperwork, depending on the method requested.


Quarterly statement information

You’ll receive quarterly statements for your auto loan. These statements will mention a couple details that you’ll want to take notice of.

  • You have $5 in your savings account. Savings account? That’s right. As a member, you will have a savings account with Meritrust. The $5 is not an amount you owe, but rather your share as a member. It will stay in the savings account until your loan is satisfied.** Better yet, we hope you love your Meritrust membership so much that you and your $5 stay with us for years to come.
  • $10 indirect membership fee. This $10 on your statement is a one-time fee assessed to all members who initiate a loan financed at Meritrust through one of our dealer partners. This is not a monthly fee.
  • Year-to-date interest (YTD). YTD interest is how much you’ve paid in interest on your auto loan since January 1 of the current year.

Take advantage of your Meritrust membership

As a member of Meritrust, you have access to our many deposit and loan products.

At Meritrust, our goal is to help you financially benefit from your membership.


Do you know the difference between a credit union and a bank?

A credit union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. It’s different from a bank in many ways. At a credit union, every member is an owner and has a share. We operate to promote the well-being of our members, and member-volunteers serve on our board of directors to make decisions based on what’s best for the members. Profits are returned to members through lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings products.

Being a member of a credit union definitely has its perks. Interested in learning more about what it really means to be a Meritrust member? Check out any of the following links for some brag-worthy information.


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Federally insured by NCUA. Account opening and loans subject to approval. Standard carrier rates may apply. *A gap in coverage could result in placement of Collateral Protection Insurance. **$25 not available for withdrawal unless membership savings and all corresponding accounts are closed.