Meritrust Financial Virtual Camp

Financial Camp Welcome video

Welcome to Financial Camp

Welcome to Virtual Financial Camp by Chris Wolgamott, Director of Financial Education at Meritrust. By watching the below videos and completing the attached activities, you'll learn about money, budgeting, income, expenses and more! While we'll miss seeing you in person this summer, we're excited to be able to bring these lessons to you at home. Have a great summer!

Financial Camp Monay and Choices video

Money & Choices

The choices we make with money can have both good and bad outcomes. This lesson, presented by Chris, will help you understand how we make financial choices and what the cost of our decisions can be.

Opportunity Cost Activity

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Have your kids plan the next family outing. Give them the options to choose from and have them write it down.

Examples may be to:

  • Go ride bikes in the park
  • Get a Redbox movie and a pizza
  • Go to a museum or historical site

Ask them to list pros and cons of each choice. Ensure that they list the emotional benefits, physical benefits and social benefits. If you give them more than two choices, have them eliminate all but the final two. Now - for the final two - have them apply the question: "What is the wise thing for me to do?"

Financial Camp Budgeting video


A budget is a plan for your money. Knowing how to write a budget is one of the most important financial skills you can learn. In this lesson, Kari will share with you what a budget is, why budgeting is important and how to write one.

Budgeting Activity

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Talk through the family budget. How much money is usually spent on different categories? Are there places that the family can cut back? If you need help, here is a budget form you can work through together.

Quick budget for parents and kids
Financial Camp Goal Setting video

Goal Setting

Setting goals is important for your money because it gives you something to aim for and achieve. Chris will demonstrate different lengths of goals, why setting goals is an important financial activity and how to achieve the goals you set.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Brainstorm a goal for the family to achieve. Have your kids create a goal board that they can reference to help them reach their goals. You can watch this video for some ideas.

How to make a Goal Board
Financial Camp Wise Spending video

Wise Spending

It is easy to overspend when we have money. Chris teaches you how to cut expenses, the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods, as well as the difference between credit cards and debit cards.

Bean Game Activity Bean Game Instructions

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Explain to your kids why you make the choices you do at the grocery store. Better yet, let them help you with the grocery shopping either in store or using online ordering.

Financial Camp Credit video


Having a good credit score shows financial institutions that you are responsible with the money you borrow. In this video, Kari will discuss what credit is, how you build a strong credit report and why it is important to have an exceptional credit score.

FICO Credit Score Activity

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Parents, talk to your students about the first loan you received, or the first credit card you applied for. To help guide your talk, answer some of these questions in your discussion and ask your student if they have questions, too.

  • What was it like sitting in the bank/credit union and answering questions from the loan officer?
  • What did you purchase with your first loan?
  • What did you have to do to pay the loan back (how did you work to earn money to pay it back)?
  • If you had the opportunity, would you make the same decisions, or would you do something else?
  • What is your philosophy on borrowing money? Do you prefer to borrow to make large purchases, save, or a mix of the two?
Financial Camp Careers video


The career you choose will have a big impact on your money as you get older. This lesson, taught by Kari, will explain what to look for in a career, define what qualifies as part-time and full-time employment and how you may get paid.

Which Career? Kansas College and Career Guide

Parent/Kid Further Learning

Talk with your children about your career choices. What prompted you to select the job you currently have? Why did you attend the school you attended or choose to jump directly into your career? What is one lesson you want to pass on to your kids from your experience?

Crossword Puzzle Activity

You've done it! Congratulations! Test your knowledge by completing this crossword puzzle.


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